One month guarantee from date of purchase.

Engine and gear boxes must be fitted by an Approved RMI workshop or fitment center.

Please bare in mind that you are buying a second hand item and there will always be an element of risk.

By no more than 7 days must your purchase be brought back to MR Engines for inspection, only then will you be handed a guarantee if found that your purchase was correctly fitted.


A new fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, cam belt (if applicable) & oil must be used on instillation of your engine. Replace rear main oil seal, timing cover seals, balancer shaft seal, oil pump seal & cam seals. Oil leaks are not guaranteed. Radiator must be cleaned and new thermostat fitted all water hoses must be in replaced with new. Oil pressure & temperature gauge must be operative on the dashboard. Also flush engine out & make sure that engine has sufficient oil pressure by checking it with a manual oil pressure gauge.


Strictly no guarantee’s on turbo & supercharged engines. (High performance type engines)


All the above mentioned conditions for petrol engines apply to diesel engines also.

Reset timing, calibrate diesel pump & replace injectors or service these items at your cost.



No guarantee on automatic gearboxes. Make sure your prop shaft is correctly balanced. Broken / damaged extension housings will not be recognised as part of your guarantee. Fit a new spigot shaft bearing bush. No guarantee on broken gears. Replace all oil seals. Inspect / ensure that all gearbox mountings are in good working condition. Only use oil specified by your manufacturers.

Gearboxes or diff’s run with no oil or incorrect oil will not be guaranteed.


On arrival, the goods will be subject to a full inspection by Mr Engine  staff. If seals or markings have been tampered with, No refund will be made. Returns will only be accepted within 7 days from date of purchase. Goods must be returned in original condition.

Accessories not returned which was initially supplied, will be deducted accordingly from the refund due to you. Labour of workshops / finance / courier charges are not refundable and can not be claimed from Mr ENGINE.

All goods returned must be accompanied by the original Mr Engine Invoice. No exceptions. No cash is kept on our premises, thus no cash refunds are given.


Guarantee is null & void, if upon inspection it is found that the engine was stripped, overheated, over revved,or misused, the heat tab has been removed or tampered with, or the vehicle was not brought back within the specified time for inspection. No claim for consequential damages or labour charges, towing costs, vehicle hire, and downtime and / or claims for any costs whatsoever nature arising out of the exchange of any goods purchased. Do not strip or disassemble your engine, gearbox or diff, should you experience a problem, as this will void your guarantee. Please contact us on   for the corrective procedure. No guarantee on turbo’s and engine attachments. (Eg. Starter, alternator, diesel pump, carburettor, water pump, injectors etc etc). All service items have to be serviced or replaced with new and is for the account of the purchaser.there is verbal guarantees.

Engine number must be changed on the car papers within 21 day.Mr engine is not liable for engine number change after 21 days after purchase.

Goods remain property of Mr engine until fully paid for.

Final decision  is up to Mr Engines.

Please note: a heat tab is placed on your engine and will indicate if the engine has overheated.