Why repair, when you can easily replace a part of your car?

Mr Engines specializes  in Used engines used Gearboxes , New engines to New gear boxes, automatic transmissions and cylinder heads, if  you have  car problems we will do our ultimate best to help you. We are well known for offering Imported Engines & gearboxes on sale at really competitive prices. 

The company has built  healthy relationships with The Automotive industry  all over the world, ensuring the possibility of finding the right part to your car in the best turnaround time. No matter what Make or model you might have or scarce your car model may be, we go the extra mile to find exactly what you need.

Mr Engine is a customer driven company and we pride ourselves in building sustainable relationships with clients. We believe that without the client there would be no business to run.

When it comes to Engines we would really advise clients to replace the engine instead of repairing them.  As mentioned above we have the client’s best interest at heart, so whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction we will definitely do. So why repair your Engines when you can replace it?

For all needs when it comes to spare parts for your car, contact Mr. Engine. Our dedicated, hardworking staff and our outstanding networking record are at your disposal. If you’re looking for a part, best you call Mr. Engine as quick as you can.