Having car problems? Mr Engine is your number one car doctor

Motor vehicles are an extremely important and, for the most part, an extremely expensive investment. Owning a motor vehicle allows you to get around at any time, a motor vehicle represents freedom and independence.

Maintaining your motor vehicle is probably more important than owning it as without a well-oiled machine inside your motor vehicle that runs well and is reliable, you might as well not own a motor vehicle. There is nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere unexpectedly. Quite often the cost of repairing a motor vehicle once it has already broken down can be astronomical, a nightmare for most of us.

Luckily Mr Engine is here to save your day. Mr Engine is South Africa’s premier resource for new and used motor vehicle spare parts for all makes and models. Having a resource as comprehensive as the one that Mr Engine is able to present really makes all the difference between being able to maintain your motor vehicle within your realistic budget and running the risk of breaking down, having to pay for very expensive towing charges, call out fees and so on.

Mr Engine currently stocks a full range of top quality new and used engines, gearboxes and transmissions for all makes and models of motor vehicles. Using the Mr Engine resource is a great way to ensure that you never have to sell your beloved motor vehicle, even if the entire engine breaks down, Mr Engine can provide you with the factory specific engine for your motor vehicle at a great price. Mr Engine can even source a different type of engine if you are looking to upgrade your current vehicle.

A motor vehicle’s transmission is often one of those engine components that breaks down through daily wear and tear. Many vehicle owners unknowingly sell their vehicle for next to nothing, thinking that the transmission cannot be replaced or that repairing the current one is simply too expensive. Mr Engine has a comprehensive website that is certainly worth a visit, there you will find the best quality transmission systems for your motor vehicle.